Mystique Abstract Art

Unearthly, legendary, fantastic – all of these words apply to the masterpieces in the Mystique Abstract Art family. Some of the Mystique paintings are related to the Cosmos, and others, to the Multicolor of Earth themes. But for the most part, these pieces stand out on their own – a legend, a fairy tale, or a dream. In fact, this is all that matters – we want them to be a reflection of your own dream.

Welcome to the Mystique Theme, the place for all those Liquid Colors that were too daring to belong in the more definitive themes. If we were mesmerized, puzzled and excited about a painting when it was born, it has likely ended up in the Mystique abstract art theme.

These masterpieces usually have an incredible level of fine detail. Therefore, we think it is best to order them on high gloss media such as metal or acrylic. It is certain that these finishes will produce the most impressive wall art for your room. Flow motives are present in most Mystique pieces, which makes putting together a multiple panel wall decor combination an interesting challenge. Take a look at the Mystique’s best, such as the Black Winged Dragon, Phoenix or X-Y. We hope you will love them, and invite you to post comments about them even if you don’t order one.


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