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X-Y is an unexpected result from what we had thought was a reasonable well thought out experiment in paint. The masterpiece is accentuated by a deep red area with gold droplets, bordering an enclosed area of turquoise with white bubbles. The X-Y captures the eye and makes it stay inside the painting until the viewer discovers the contents of the white cells, which usually brings a “Ha, what’s that?” exclamation. Well, what is that? – maybe it is the beginning of life itself. Put one on your wall and see if you observe the same response from your guests.

X-Y is also one of the paintings in our collection that can be cropped square without losing the overall theme.


The X-Y is a very original and unusual Liquid Color. We admit that this one is the case when the painting turned out with details that we have not expected to see at all when the artist started her work. Originally a red, turquoise and gold Multicolor with a shade of green, the X-Y all of a sudden developed small white cells, in which X and Y were notably present, and the hue turned out to be more that of the Ocean than anything else. Is this a resemblance of how the life itself had started eons ago? We don’t know, but what we do know is that it made for a very interesting, pleasantly enclosed, balanced Mystique masterpiece that is particularly well suited for pastel and white walls but can also fit very nicely on the dark ones. We think that a high gloss print will do this masterpiece the most justice, but a canvas one is not ill advised, either.


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