Dark Matter Galaxy

$49.99 - $375.99

The Dark Matter Galaxy is a highly detailed masterpiece with both large and stable and small and dependent elements. Just like a real galaxy, it is penetrated by veins and contains clusters of smaller objects, and nobody knows what is really going on inside. We think that high resolution, high gloss prints will look the best, they will bring out the deep dark colors and show the sparkle inside the dark veins best. Pastel walls will benefit greatly from the colors of the Galaxy, and dark brown, red, and green will, too.


Naming this masterpiece was a challenge. As complicated as Liquid Art gets, the Dark Matter Galaxy combines large elements of the background with a multitude of highly detailed ones, which scale down all the way to barely visible dots of light inside the dark veins that penetrate the central stem of the painting. Grey colors seem to relate to nebulae, and the orange and gold clusters form constellations and planetary systems. The deep dark colors seem to absorb the light, yet they are also full of fine detail – just like, we imagine, the unknown dark matter itself. The Galaxy is a fairly self contained painting; even though it has a diagonal dynamic motive, there is very little movement in it, just as it should be: galaxies don’t swirl around like the ocean surf, not on human time scales. Suitable for an interior of any color except for, perhaps, dark blue, the Dark Matter Galaxy will create a presence of its own on your wall.


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