Fourth of July Galaxy

$49.99 - $375.99

The Fourth of July Galaxy may be closer to Americans, who will find its combination of colors related to their national colors. The complex piece appears to extend beyond the limits of the image, and the viewer keeps imagining what lays there, beyond the limits.

A great choice for the interior of any color, the Galaxy tends to draw attention and dominate the wall it is installed on. The cool hues, despite the presence of a lot of red, makes for a calming, empowering presence. Large sizes are the best.


In the Fourth of July Galaxy we were lucky enough to witness the merger between the classical Red, White and Blue that we so well relate to with the shapes and depth that extend our perception just one step further. The Galaxy is turbulent and dynamic. It can be presented both as we picture it here and turned 180 degrees, and it will create a different impression. The fluid, moving, weaving three-dimensional light blue streamer, in which hundreds of small starts float, crosses the middle. It appears to move upwards across the Galaxy, and the complex red and deep blue fields on the sides only add to the contrast and complexity of the piece.

It appears to us that we are looking just at a small portion of a much greater whole – just as if we look at our own Red, White and Blue.

The Fourth of July Galaxy is a dramatic, attention-drawing masterpiece that demands to be the focal point of the interior. Best set in a high gloss, large size, it will wake up and center rooms with walls of any color.


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