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The converging stream of retreating foam on the beach sand – that is what we hope this piece will remind you of. A blue splash of a cold mountain stream on a summer day is another thought that comes to mind. Either way, we hope that it will bring to your mind something that will take you to the quiet place you want to be. Great for almost any decor, it will accentuate a burgundy wall as well as a peach, white, eggshell or gray one.

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To us, this masterpiece resembles the converging flows of foamy sea water on a sandy beach, streaming back into the ocean after splashing onto the land. The wave rolls onto the sand, it is so quick – but before long, it recedes, falls back and converges into small streams, retreating back, only to start over its never ending cycle in a few seconds.

Like most Ocean and Sand themes, the Convergence will look great on a darker wall, especially if printed in large format on canvas. A high gloss print will always look well on a light colored wall, it will draw your eye and make it follow the flow of bubbles down the crease of Convergence.


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