Turquoise Split

$49.99 - $375.99

The Turquoise Split is very colorful and tends to light up the room it is placed into. Suitable for about any color wall with the exception of dark green, the piece can tell you a lot about your visitors. People with a “big picture” mind are likely to look at the painting a few times right to left, and move on; the detail seekers will follow the flow and then look more in the upper right hand corner where the highly detailed, raspberry colored features reside.

High gloss variants are highly recommended for this piece.


The Turquoise Split is a bright, colorful, lively painting with abundant raspberry and purple colored areas. It has an incredible amount of fine detail, which causes the eye to return and discover them over and over again. The less detailed lower part appears to support the flowing turquoise middle and the finely detailed, red-to-purple skies, making the masterpiece anchored and stable, yet flowing and frivolous. The Turquoise Split is a rare piece in that it readily accommodates viewers with any attention level: the superficial viewer will find it pleasing to just follow the flow to the left and move on to the next piece, and the analytical type will want to spend more time on this piece, returning to study the bubbling coral on the top right and the golden filaments of the base.

The highly detailed nature of this masterpiece will be revealed best in a high gloss, fairly large size print. Canvas will give a different impression, tending to captivate detail-oriented viewer a little less.


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