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The Quicksilver is a complex piece with contracting motives. It immerses the viewer into areas of calmness and encourages to leave them and follow the swift stream down to the deep, dark blue. The Quicksilver is like a human life – full of contrast in the content, not just the color.

This masterpiece looks great as part of any room and is complemented by other similar Ocean Fantasy art such as the Trilobites. We prefer it in the high gloss variants. Canvas will deliver the general idea but will not present the abundant fine details quite as well.

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The Quicksilver is a beautiful Ocean Fantasy masterpiece that has everything in it. A swirling of bubbles, a bit of turbulence in the sandy shallows are separated by lively, green and blue water flowing towards the blue depths in the upper right. The mysterious red and turquoise fluorescence borders the depths. The Quicksilver is complex and dynamic; it has larger elements that instill calmness immediately adjacent to highly detailed, flowing features. This seemingly unbalanced combination is akin to the human nature: we always have some calmness and are always ready to react dynamically and sometimes even dramatically to something that triggers our emotions.

The Quicksilver usually makes the eye follow the large, diagonal streaming features from the brownish, greenish shallows to the blue depth, then return and take in the large swirls on the sides. The viewer then realizes that the stream has a lot more detail and looks at those. The overall impression often is that of the relation between complexity and simplicity, turbulence and calmness.

The Quicksilver is a highly versatile piece that looks excellent on any background. Its energy level is moderate, it stimulates the mind without waking up aggression. Placing the Trilobites to the left of Quicksilver makes for a balanced combination in the same general theme.


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