Asteroid Belt

$49.99 - $375.99

The Asteroid Belt is a magnificent and very complex masterpiece. It has multiple majestic parts in it, separated and joined by the Belt itself, and each of them calls for attention on its own. This piece doesn’t direct the viewer to the next piece over and tends to hold the eye, making the viewer stay on the painting, discovering more and more surprising details.

Suited best for a dark wall, perhaps in a darker part of the room where an accent light will make it stand out, the Asteroid Belt is best when you want to make the viewer contemplate, reflect and calm down. High gloss variants will be the best.


When the Asteroid Belt was born it sent goose bumps crawling on our skin. One of the most complex pieces of the Cosmos Theme, the Belt combines it all: the flow of a curving black Asteroid Belt that is yielding to the pressure of the star field and a galaxy above it; the red, mysterious, detailed galaxy in red; the white nebulae; a turquoise intergalactic matter; a dark, deep purple galaxy on the top right. And all of this is sprinkled by hundreds of stars, the little golden, white, blue and dark dots that seem tiny in comparison with the rest of the magnificent Cosmos.

This masterpiece deserves its own place on the wall and looks more imposing on a dark colored background. Placing it on a light colored, sunlit wall may take away some of its mystery. The Asteroid Belt is excellent for places where people wait or gather as it invites repeated viewing and is very immersive. Placing it in a conference room is likely to be distracting.

High gloss, large format prints will show the depth of the dark colors and will be the best. Avoid placing the piece on a wall where high gloss finish will cause reflections, as its strength is in the deep colored, mysterious areas that are easily diluted by stray reflections.


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