Neptune’s Horizon

$49.99 - $375.99

The Neptune’s Horizon is a mysterious, colorful painting in deep blue, bordering on purple. It contains light, flowing bubbles that may be clouds, or may be melting ice. Some contain red inclusions, others, golden and yellow. This masterpiece is perfect for pastel colored walls, yet is completely versatile and can be a perfect addition to a dark blue, red or black wall as well. High gloss variants are recommended, but a canvas one will also look very attractive.

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Neptune’s Horizon is a Cosmos and Mystery masterpiece in cool blue, slight pink, gold and white colors. It has a similar character to the Horizon of Venus and the Skies of Mars, yet it has a completely different hue. Completely versatile and suitable for interiors of any color, this piece looks excellent by itself, yet can contribute wonderfully to any Cosmos Theme collection. The light colored inclusions flowing from the left to the right, changing from deep red to gold make the eye travel through the painting to the next one, making the Neptune’s Horizon a good candidate for a series of paintings on the same wall. This masterpiece is one of the few in our collection with a square aspect ratio and will not lend itself to an elongated rectangular crop.


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