Impact of a Comet

$49.99 - $375.99

The Impact of a Comet is indeed that: an impact. This masterpiece has a bold, explosive, powerful presence. It calls to action, it wakes the viewer up, it almost wakes up some aggression and desire to act. It may help wake up people in a conference room, it reminds visitors who is the boss in an executive office, and it lights up any wall that lack focal points otherwise.

An aggressive and daring masterpiece, the Impact will look well on almost any background color. Alone, it will look best fairly large, where it can dominate a wall. When smaller, it will benefit from complementary pieces that will allow the viewer to finish imagining the destructive impact by moving the eye onto a more settling scene.


There are no words that would be adequate that can describe an impact of a comet to a human. We have never seen one, and the science tells us that it would be the last thing we ever see as it would be the end of us. But we can imagine the power of such impact, and we have a masterpiece the we think may have a connection. The Impact of a Comet has is all – the streamers from the free flight in space, the glowing reds and purples of the immense heat of the impact point, the blood-red shards and turquoise flares, the remnants of the star that the comet hit.

This brilliant masterpiece creates a powerful presence anywhere it is displayed. A bolt of power, it looks well in an executive office or a large room. In a hallway it will need another piece to connect with, or the appearance will be incomplete and will leave the viewer wondering inside. Any color walls will accept this piece of art well, and smaller rooms that lack focal points will be well served by smaller versions of the Impact of the Comet. We recommend high gloss variants. Canvas prints don’t do it justice.


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