Seafloor Magma

$49.99 - $375.99

The Seafloor Magma is thought to depict the unpredictable, mixed, chaotic nature of the a hot, bubbling magma mixing with water, creating bubbles, swirls and chaos. The relatively calm hot spot on the right and another calm area on the left frame the boiling, multi-color middle part of the masterpiece. Like most Multicolors, the Seafloor Magma fits very well onto a wall of any color. A large print size is highly recommended.


One of our most finely detailed pieces, the Seafloor Magma masterpiece is composed of very fine alternating areas of varying colors. The wild combination of turquoise, yellow, red, blue, purple, white and green really grabs attention of the viewer. The eye is first drawn to the darker red and relatively calm area on the right, then the viewer examines the unpredictable, chaotic complexity of the rest of the piece. The flowing, much more solid lower right hand corner looks like a shore in the sea of chaos. A true Multicolor, this piece should be printed fairly large, otherwise its extremely fine detail makes it confusing to the eye and may feel too busy. In a large format high gloss or canvas variant, though, the Seafloor Magma makes a truly stunning centerpiece on a large open wall.


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