Golden Embrace

$49.99 - $375.99

The Golden Embrace is named after its pronounced gold colored streak that extends across the contrasting green and burgundy areas, curving slightly clockwise along with its surroundings. Complex and detailed, the Embrace is not overbearing and tends to keep the viewer focused on it. It plays well with other self centered Multicolor Liquid Art and complements dark colored walls particularly well. Both canvas and high gloss prints will look very attractive.


The Golden Embrace is a high contrast Multicolor masterpiece. Its unusual combination of the dark purple, green and burgundy with light turquoise, green and white create a striking impression. The Golden Embrace has a noticeable clockwise pattern, which tends to keep the viewers’ eyes on the painting, inviting to keep discovering more fine details and colors in its corners after the main motives of the middle part of the piece have been seen. This painting is very well suited for dark colored walls, particularly in the red and brown hues. A large size canvas print will look very well, and high gloss variants are always striking.


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