Tiger Lily

$49.99 - $375.99

While most of the Liquid Colors can be displayed in any orientation, the Tiger Lily is one of the few masterpieces that change most drastically when turned over. It literally changes completely from an intersecting mixture of colorful flows to a fantastic beast trying to break through a wall, fighting its way upwards and to the right.

Whichever orientation you prefer, the Tiger Lily will highlight a wall of any color, and will light up the interior with its warm, glowing presence. Depending on the orientation, it can also direct the viewer to look at the next piece or towards and area of the interior that you want to highlight, such as, for example, a beautifully designed fireplace.

The Lily will look excellent in high gloss finish but it is one of the pieces that will also look great on canvas.


The Tiger Lily is about color and flow. The two properties combine in this masterpiece in a way that gives your imagination more latitude than most other TLC pieces. Even the name of it means primarily the daring color combination more than anything else. The flow and the swirling of yellows, golds and reds in the core and the main diagonal of the image contrasts with the vertical constrain along its left side, in the orientation we show.

Very interestingly, the same masterpiece looks entirely different turned upside down. A phantasmagoric, wild dragon or eagle appears then, flying up towards the right against a resisting wall. The Tiger Lily does not stop surprising the viewer either way. This is one piece that we particularly like to invite discussion about: what do you think is on it?

A dramatic, high contrast and very warm in color, the Tiger Lily will look like a little fire on any wall, and particularly so on a dark colored wall. While you never can go wrong with a high gloss variant, this masterpiece will also lend itself well to be printed on canvas.


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