Cosmos Theme Abstract Art

Abstract art is the right choice for describing the cosmos. Cosmos is all about infinite distances, unearthly combinations of colors and events. It is shaken by impacts of star-size objects. Larger than anything we have as a scale of comparison in our everyday life, cosmos is beyond us. It is bigger than us, it is independent of us. Yet we want to be part of it, we want to connect to its magnificence. We hope we can help bring the Cosmos’ flows and colors into your living room.

Most masterpieces in the Cosmos theme contain both bright and subtle colors. However, translucent, nebulous areas are also present in almost all Cosmos paintings. Because of this, the Cosmos abstract art looks best when printed on high gloss materials. For this reason we recommend ordering these paintings on metal or acrylic, or even in higher end finishes.

Several masterpieces in the Cosmos theme can complement each other, for example the Shockwave and Asteroid Belt. Another interesting combination is the three square paintings, Neptune’s Horizon, Skies of Mars and Venus’ Horizon. Even though seemingly dissimilar, these three pieces share a subtle commonality and create an interesting mood.


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