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Bright, varied in color, infused with power but not bursting with it, the Singularity is an amazing masterpiece that will draw attention and not let it go. It will subconsciously make the viewer feel more powerful and ready for action. It will keep people from falling asleep in a meeting room, and it can create a fiery impact in a hotel lobby when accompanied by other Cosmos or Multicolor pieces.

The Singularity is well suited for any color walls and rooms of any size. It complements and enriches other Cosmos pieces. Like most Cosmos and Mystique pieces, it will be most flattering in high gloss, three dimensional finish.

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This masterpiece is probably the cornerstone of our entire Cosmos theme. A blood red protrusion of a galactic scale, the Singularity erupts upward in a wave of turquoise and gold, spreading apart the perturbed layers of brown, purple and violet. Something new of epic proportions is being born here, and nobody knows what it is, there is no name for this yet. It is a Singularity.

A dramatic Cosmos piece in red, gold and turquoise, the Singularity immediately draws attention but not as aggressively as the Impact of a Comet. It makes the viewer look from right to left, watching the Singularity rise up, then they look over the bright glow on the sides, then they finish by seeing what it breaks through. It creates a feeling of unstoppable power, something that is born anew, through the layers of old.

The red, blue and purple of the Singularity make it a truly universal masterpiece. It looks well on pastel, red, blue, black or white walls. It flares like a torch on a sunlit wall, and it lights up a dark corner, especially if a miniature accent light is cleverly added. If you want to create a focal point in a room while carefully empowering your visitors, this piece may be for you.


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