Melting Pot

$49.99 - $375.99

The Melting Pot is a warm, glowing masterpiece that has a little bit of a flow character to it, allowing it to connect well with other pieces on the same wall or in the same room. The green and gold colors of the painting will fit perfectly on pastel walls as well as on the dark colored walls, including dark blue and red.

The Melting Pot can be printed in its native aspect ratio or cropped square, and looks excellent in sizes from 12×12″ to 20×30″. We prefer the high gloss finish for this painting, it really makes the contrasting yellow and gold colors stand out against the darker greens and reds.


The sunny, gold and green Melting Pot is named this way because it reminded us of a pot of molten gold. Its warm, lightly flowing motive complements many other Multicolor and Earth theme wall art very well. Its greens and yellows generate energy, yet the darker burgundy grounds it so that the piece is not overpowering. We have seen a customer combine the Melting Pot with Spirit of the Forest and Tiger Lily, the three masterpieces complementing each other in a very flattering way.

The flow in the Melting Pot is very subtle, and the piece can be cropped square very successfully. This allows to rotate it in any direction, making the viewer’s eye follow through the piece to the others in the same room.

High gloss implementation is our favorite for this piece.


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