Spirit of the Forest

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The Spirit of the Forest is a mystical, fantasy Earth Theme masterpiece. Its linear features invite the viewer to follow them repeatedly from the earth upwards, just as if looking at the trees from the ground to the foliage. The complex, flowing Spirit itself is an invitation for the imagination, and one can see wings, faces, ears and expressions in its glowing form.

This masterpiece is a perfect fit for a room with plants and dark wood furniture. It looks excellent on light colored wall but can fit surprisingly well even on a red background. The Spirit of the Forest has a lot of fine details, which makes high gloss, large format variants the most flattering.

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The Spirit of the Forest is an unusual Earth Theme masterpiece. Full of rich greens and browns, it contains all the essential elements of the forest. The Spirit itself, with the eyes, ears, wings and dynamic of several combined mystical creatures, is in the middle, looking at its kingdom and flowing upwards. The entire masterpiece has many linear features, which make the viewer’s eye follow them from the bottom up, then down again and upward again, exploring one thread of complex green, gold and brown after another.

The Spirit of the Forest is a good fit in a room with plants on the sides, and is best for pastel or green walls. It looks surprising on a red background but can be used there as well, especially if there is wood or plant decorations nearby.

The Spirit definitely needs high gloss implementation, and is best in a larger variants that will allow seeing the intricate details when viewed close up.


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