The Skies of Mars

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The Skies of Mars is a perfect complement to the Venus’ Horizon. The two masterpieces are so different, yet similar in spirit, that they somehow make each other complete. The Skies is a dynamic piece of art, yet it is not daring or disturbing. Its turbulent nature makes the viewer’s eye travel from the glowing skies to the red surface and back several times, noticing more and more details, until the viewer notices the feathery creation on the surface, with a grey streamer emanating from it. What is this? We will leave it up to you to decide.

A versatile piece, the Skies will complement a wall of just about any color well, but we will be happy to check the fit for you. Note the square design of the masterpiece: rectangular crops will not preserve the entire piece, and sizes larger than 12×12 have to be special ordered in high grade acrylic finish only.

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The Skies of Mars is a Cosmic Theme masterpiece which immediately captivated us at TLC when it was born. We gathered around the table to give it the first look and it immediately connected in our heads with theĀ Venus’ Horizon. Having the same spirit but in the red and brownish hues, the Skies of Mars quickly became our favorite. By taking you back to the times when Mars was more than the cold, red planet we know it as today, the Skies show you the former violence of the planet, invite you to imagine the fierce gales that tore up its surface, lifting the mountains, mixing the land with the skies.

The Skies of Mars will look excellent on pastel walls, especially if paired with the Venus’ Horizon. It will also impress on red walls, and, surprisingly, look beautiful on a blue background even though it has very little related color. Just like the Horizon, the Skies is a square piece so ordering an elongated crop ration needs extra attention and evaluation using the Theme Designer service. High gloss finish is highly recommended, and sizes other than 12×12 are not available on metal. They can be special ordered as high grade acrylic prints.


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