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The free Theme Designer service is to help you visualize how the artwork you like will look in your house. Alternatively, for a nominal charge we will select pieces from our wide assortment of artwork to change the mood of your room in the direction you want. You will upload photos of the room you want to decorate; we will modify them to include our artwork, and return them for you to see.

Please read the full description below to choose the service that is right for you.

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The Theme Designer is a service we offer that can help you visualize what your room will look like when you add some of our artwork to it. We offer two levels of service, free and premium.

The free service involves you picking a piece of artwork, and us helping you visualize how it will look on your desired wall.

The steps to use this free service are as follows:

  • Take a picture of the wall you are looking to decorate. Include a little bit of the ceiling and the floor. Take this photo straight-on.
  • Upload the photo using the “Upload wall photo” field on this page.
  • Write the name of artwork from our web site that you want to add to the wall in the text field on this order page. Include some indication of the dimensions of the wall, such as, for example, “the grey couch you see is 60″ long” or simply measure the wall and write that measurement.

We will look at the room and the wall and will return to you the images with the artwork inserted as we think is best, scaled using the approximate dimensions you provided, and will recommend the size of the artwork to order. For free. There are no strings attached, you can choose whether to order it or not.

The premium service is for those who want to explore themes for their rooms. You provide us with your ideas for the room, as well as the photos of the room, and we send you prototype photos with artwork that we think would complement your desires.

The steps to use the premium service are:

  • With your smartphone, take a picture of the room you are looking to decorate, from the room entry point. Make sure the wall(s) you are thinking of decorating are showing. You can use a panorama mode of your phone to take a wider view. Keep it to just a bit wider than a regular smartphone photo.
  • If there is more than one wall you want to decorate, include straight-on pictures of all the walls, including some ceiling and floor in each.
  • In the description, tell us what kind of mood you are looking to create by decorating the room. Do you want to wake it up, light it up with emotion? Or perhaps you want it to help calm you down after a rough day? Or is this for your elderly parents, to remind them of something from the past?

Depending on the complexity of your idea it may take several days before we get back to you.


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