Gun Dog Photography - Colorado

We offer premium gun dog photography to Colorado hunters. As you know, gun dog photography is a different kind of art. The photographer must understand the field hunting situation very well. Moreover, he has to capture the critical moments such as the point and the shot, yet remain vigilant and safe. The photographer will pay close attention to the movements of the hunter at all times. Finally, all action is closely coordinated between the hunter and the photographer.

We offer three packages to our hunting and dog training clients. If you want a session in a controlled environment, such as for young dogs or training situations, the first package is the best. Two larger packages include photo shoots while you hunt with your dogs. In these, both the dogs and the hunter will be captured in the middle of the excitement. We will deliver digital files of the best shots of the day and provide several options of fine art photo prints. Some packages include large format, premium high gloss prints suitable for public exhibition.

Please take a moment to take a look at the package comparison below to find the one that is best for your needs. If you order a package and realize during the session that the opportunity is prime for a longer or more advanced session, our photographer can usually accommodate the change right there on site.

We offer our Gun Dog Photography service in the Colorado Front Range area.

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