Abstract Wall Art: Liquid Colors

Abstract wall art can add mystery and character to any room. Liquid Colors are amazing pieces of wall decor. So colorful, saturated, eye catching and totally unique, these masterpieces can accentuate the interior of any room. They can challenge and invite dialogue. Or, they can calm people down or put them in a pensive mood. Others can make you remember things you love and miss the most. Abstract art can really be a part of your life, every day.

Our abstract wall art paintings are totally unique and can be made to your preference. We think most of the Liquid Colors look their best when printed in high gloss, such as metal prints or acrylic prints. However, some abstract paintings look very nice on canvas. Such canvas prints can be made in very marge sizes, if that is what your room needs. Take a look at the Print Options to choose what’s right for you.

Liquid Color prints can be cropped to various aspect ratios. For example, several of the Cosmos Theme masterpieces look their best when cropped square. Others, such as many Mystique Theme pieces, look better on wider prints. We will be happy to work with you to help you select what is best for your interior, and our free Theme Designer service is a good place to start.