Winter Theme Abstract Art

The Winter Theme abstract art emerged from all other Liquid Colors due to its unique character. Cool and flowing, artwork in this category is reminiscent of the cold and indifferent forces of winter. Whites and grays, subdued greens and blues are characteristic of these pieces. They will remind you of the far-away mountain ridges where the ever-present wind blows snow wisps off the peaks. They will make you appreciate the comfort of your room and the cup of hot coffee in your hand ever more.

You will probably notice that there are fewer Winter theme abstract art paintings than other themes. This is because the Winter theme Liquid Colors proved to be more difficult to create. We have noticed that they are born only when the artist is in a particular mood, and that doesn’t happen very often. We remain hopeful that more Winters will appear in our collection, and look forward to adding them for your pleasure.

Don’t forget to zoom in on these masterpieces and give them a look. What do they remind you about? Please, write a comment. We see certain things in them, but it is likely that you will see something different. If your comment is selected to update the painting’s description you will receive a free print of that painting with your name on it.


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