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Avalanche is an interesting masterpiece, having a cross-wise motion as well as high contrast and great level of detail. The color combination is that of a Winter theme, yet the painting doesn’t feel cold or lonely, it has a moving, dynamic presence with no aggressive pressure at all. A fairly light colored piece, Avalanche is perfect for light colored walls and makes for a bright spot on dark colored walls. In the latter case we suggest looking at a rendering first to make sure that the Avalanche will not be too light for the particular area you intend to display it in.

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The Avalanche is a complicated and very detailed masterpiece in our rare Winter series of Liquid Art. For some reason, the Winter theme is more challenging than others. Perhaps it is because it is harder to relay the feeling of cold and lonesomeness than of warmth and happiness? In any case, the Avalanche does not feel lone and cold. Even though its primary colors are cold, the crashing power of the middle part of the Avalanche creates the feeling of motion, followed by a closer examination of the less perturbed side parts. We recommend this masterpiece in high gloss, which will accentuate the high contrast of the white, brown and blue in the best possible way. A large canvas print will have a different presence and would change any large, open wall to a real attention grabber.


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