The Venus’ Horizon

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The Venus’ Horizon is a beautiful masterpiece that was born of blues and greens, penetrated by an accent of golden yellow and acidic green. The turbulent upward motion on the top right, contracting with the fairly calm upper left, brings the feeling of unexpected and dangerous. But the overall impression of the masterpiece is not that of disturbance, somehow the violence of this world seems to belong there and we are only looking at it from a distance.

The Venus’ Horizon will look fantastic on a dark wall, but pastel or even white walls will receive it well due to its wide gamut of color shades. We highly recommend high gloss finish for this masterpiece. Please note that its aspect ratio is 1×1, therefore any of the elongated size options will force substantial cropping and can dramatically change the mood of the artwork. We can attempt to produce an elongated version for you but preferably not until you have been satisfied with a look by using the Theme Designer service.

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This magnificent masterpiece instantly captured our attention at TLC when it was born. The boiling blues, pinks and whites, pushed up by acidic green. The skies of light blue, with dust trails and windy shadows crossing them. A tornado tearing up the green surface, throwing the green pieces of it into the air. The entire scene of the Venus’ Horizon is surreal, out of this world. We think nothing can survive on Venus, it is too hot, too turbulent and too disturbed. We think this masterpiece relays these feeling of a foreboding, yet beautiful, world.

The Venus’ Horizon is impressive in its versatility. It brings a wide array of subtle colors, and looks amazing on a dark wall, even more so on a red one. However, it will complement a light color wall too, especially if paired with another Cosmos masterpiece such as the Skies of Mars.

As always, what we give you here in the description is just our feeling of the artwork. We invite you to look at the masterpiece for a few minutes, then write to us what does it mean to you.

High gloss finish is highly recommended, and sizes other than 12×12 are not available on metal. They can be special ordered as high grade acrylic prints.


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