Jagged Border

$49.99 - $375.99

The Jagged Border is a psychedelic masterpiece that violates the normally pleasing tendencies and causes the viewer’s eye to quickly dart from area to area, along the deep red primary line, waking them up and increasing awareness and alertness. While it is suitable for any background and will have less impact on a light colored wall, avoid over-exposing people to it especially in resting areas or workplaces. It is not the best painting for bedrooms or kitchens.


The Jagged Border is different from other Liquid Colors, and it tends to invite a different emotion. Although it too has flowing elements, its primary lines are abrupt, angular, unexpected. The eye follows the lines with sharply changing directions, causing increase in alertness and some sense of urgency. The blood red primary line itself calls for attention, wants the viewer to increase focus. The large swirl opposing it gives sense of security with its predictability but it is only a small island of confidence in the sea of unexpected.

The Jagged Border is an impactful piece that needs to be used in the right amount. Short exposure, such as in a hallway between the entrance and the exam room, is likely to help people wake up and increase the sense of alertness. Placing it next to a drinking fountain or in a rest area is not a good idea and is likely to cause irritability. It can also be a cup of coffee for a writer who glances at it between pages, to shake off the fatigue and monotony of sit-down work.


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