Iridescent Bubbles

$49.99 - $375.99

The Iridescent Bubbles, we think, show the birth of life in a stream of dark nothingness, when the power of the sun and the willingness of protoplasmic life combine to bring fantastic, unpredictable future.

Warm and calming, the Birth of Life grabs the viewer for a spell to show itself, then sends them on to the next piece in your collection. It is a good choice for a multi-panel display alongside the Trilobites, Quicksilver and other paintings of similar spirit. Unlike many other Liquid Colors, the Bubbles will look well on canvas.


The Iridescent Bubbles has another moniker, the Birth of Life. This masterpiece has two primary colors, the gold and the green, and the two complement each other extraordinarily well. We think of the gold bubbles as the warm, sunlit and full of energy, and the green ones are the ones where the first life is born. The tiny nuclei inside them are what will become civilizations some millennia later, but right now we don’t care about it – we are just watching the power of the sun and the creativity of life take their first hold on this new world.

The Birth of Life is a peaceful, contemplative masterpiece that reminds of the Trilobites and Quicksilver. It is a little different, yet similar; it doesn’t capture and hold the eye but allows it to study the piece and then move on to the next one, which ideally should be selected to guide the viewer in the direction of your choice.

Like with all Liquid Colors, you can’t go wrong with high gloss variants for the Iridescent Bubbles but a canvas version will not disappoint either. If you choose canvas, go with canvas for the surrounding pieces of art s well.


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