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The Blaze is an interestingly balanced Multicolor in that its brilliant, furnace-hot red area and lightning-hot white vein are complemented by the large area of blue color, which calms the painting and makes it less aggressive-looking. Despite several pronounced flow directions the Blaze does not redirect the viewer outside of itself, inviting the eye to circle back and study the Blaze over again. We recommend a high gloss, fairly large size for the Blaze as that allows the highly detailed areas to look their best. Multicolor Liquid Colors usually look fantastic on a wall of most any color, and the Blaze is not an exception: it flatters any background, including the challenging deep blue and red ones.


Very fine detailed, complicated and daring, the Blaze is a Multicolor that does not leave the viewer uninterested. The blazing hot white zigzag that crosses the middle of the painting makes one wonder whether it is a fissure filled wit molten lava, or a stream of hot effluent escaping from the red hot, twisting source in the middle and on the right. The sea of blue bubbles dissected by the hot red and white resembles ocean water that separates and protests when it is touched by the heat, but boils and waits to close and converge over the Blaze as soon as it has a chance. A brilliant Multicolor with dominating red and blue colors, the Blaze is surprisingly not very aggressive and can be an excellent centerpiece in any large room, open wall or a hall, as well as a complementary painting with other moderately aggressive Multicolors.


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