Rust and Algae

$49.99 - $375.99

Rust and Algae is a sunny, bright, happy masterpiece. It creates a feeling that everything is going to be all right, and does it in a light, unimposing way. Moderately dynamic, it points to the adjacent piece of art, so choosing a good combination is suggested. Other pieces in the orange and green, or in orange and blue will look well alongside this painting. It is a great fit for light colored walls and the interiors in the green and red hues.


Rust and Algae is a vibrant, happy Liquid Color. Its two primary colors are orange and green, and together they create the feeling of sunlight and warmth. This piece looks great in both horizontal and vertical orientation, and our preferred position is when the orange areas are at the top. It has a pronounced element of flow, which can direct the viewer to the next piece of art, so it works well in combination with other Ocean theme pieces. Equally well suited for canvas and high gloss prints, the Rust and Algae is an excellent fit for walls of almost any color, except perhaps for those in the blue hues.


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