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Chameleon is a warm painting that gently lights up any wall, particularly a dark one with a light falling on it at an angle. It is not aggressive at all and has a calming effect, yet it contains a lot of fine details, inviting the viewer to examine it over and over again. A slight element of flow does guide the eye slightly in counter-clockwise direction, but generally this masterpiece is self contained and doesn’t connect immediately with adjacent ones.

High gloss finish is recommended, and the Chameleon is suitable for walls of any color.


A very warm painting with gold and green colors dominating, the Chameleon looks like a sunspot on any wall. Its gentle and slight flow elements are accentuated by greens and their direction tends to guide the eye of the viewer around the light colored head of the chameleon. The golden middle part and the “leaves” on the left side of the painting are usually studied next, and their noticeably different character is in pleasant contrast with the left side of the painting.

Several other Earth theme paintings, such as the Melting Pot and Molten Gold, share the same general color gamut. In some cases they may create a great appearance, but most of the time a painting in green tones, such as Spirit of the Forest or Lily Pad, is a better match.

Calming and warm, this masterpiece is an excellent addition to a wall of any color. It will look its best in a high gloss variant such as metal or acrylic.


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