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The Kaleidoscope is a very random, happy and silly painting. It seems not to have much in a way of the oriented, purposeful lines, and its colors are just like those in a kaleidoscope – random, bright and charming. We think it is a good piece for children’s room: it doesn’t channel the mind into a decision-making state like some other bright and aggressive Liquid Colors do, instead it instills the feeling of “let’s try it!” – something most adults have forgotten about.

A good fit for walls of any color, this painting will look its best in high gloss finishes.

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Super colorful, chaotic, tangled up, random – all of these adjectives had come to mind when looking at this painting. The Kaleidoscope is rich in color, bright and silly. It is a good match to a child’s room, it creates a happy and thoughtless state of mind, and doesn’t really create any mental challenge.

The abundance of colors makes it very versatile: from pastel-colored to burgundy walls, it will find itself at home on any one of them. The gold-yellow streak makes it light minded, while the deeper reds and blues give the more thoughtful viewers some thing to connect with. We definitely recommend high gloss prints for this masterpiece, with metal probably preferred in a child’s room.


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