Living Coral

$49.99 - $375.99

Simple, upward-reaching yet flowing, this staff favorite masterpiece will make the eye follow the flow upward and off to the side of the painting, and can be used to overtly direct the eye to the next piece you wish to display. It will place the viewer in a more attentive state, and trigger an inquisitive note in the viewer. Depending on the variant, Living Coral will fit in a wide variety of interiors and will complement and direct the viewer to other artwork located next to it.

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The rich, vivid reds of this masterpiece appear to extend upwards, as if reaching for the sun. The weaving reds and turquoise along the side look as if moved by a current. To us, this piece looks like a living coral and anemones, reaching for the light and yielding to the currents. But that is only what we are seeing; your imagination may make another suggestion to you, and that is perfectly fine.

This highly colorful piece is light and bright, and will look as stunning on a light colored wall as on a dark wall in blue, red or green. A canvas or large high gloss variant is likely to impress on a wall colored in red hues. We think a high gloss a metal variant is even better and the special order, gallery class Lumachrome is the absolute, incomparable best. Contact us to inquire.


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