Lava Splash

$49.99 - $375.99

The red, gold and turquoise theme of this masterpiece draws and keeps the viewer’s attention. The large bright yellow fields changing to the intricate red bubbles draw the eye and then keep it, inviting to analyze the smaller details of the pattern and making the imagination take over. This masterpiece is great for neutral, pastel or gray walls as well as deep red ones, and particularly stands out in reflective metal or acrylic supergloss finishes.

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The red bubbling lava moving in onto the yellow and turquoise layers, mixing and streaming… Unpredictable, hot and colorful, this masterpiece will fit well on a pastel, eggshell or a gray wall. It will also light up a red or a dark blue wall. The intricate details of the piece lend themselves well to a high gloss metal print, and can be printed well past a 20×30″ size. Canvas prints have little sheen and may accentuate a large open wall near a window but will not look as dramatic close up as high gloss prints. A large Supergloss print will draw attention deeper in the room, where it will look almost wet and three dimensional, especially if accentuated with miniature warm color spotlights.


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