The Rift

$49.99 - $375.99

The Rift is an asymmetrical masterpiece with few flow elements. It changes the visual impact quite dramatically when turned over, so we recommend experimenting with it to find which orientation you prefer. It has a strong, but not overbearing, presence and warm, sunny, fiery coloration. It fits nicely alongside other Multicolors with limited flow elements and looks its best in high gloss variants, yet also is one of the few Liquid Art pieces that is not downplayed by presentation on the classic canvas.


The Rift is a true Multicolor with the focus on red and gold. With a hint of purple, the piece is not excessively warm and doesn’t have a challenging presence. It has almost no flow motives and appears as if the gold had spread out from the purple-red rift zone, and then froze that way, while the boiling red rift is still forcing the sides apart.

Interestingly, inverting this piece creates a stronger presence depending on the viewer. We think this may be related to the eye dominance of individual viewers. You could experiment and decide for yourself which orientation suits your mood better.

Like most Multicolors, the Rift will fit well onto the background of almost any color. Light, white, red, blue or black – everything will receive the Rift without issues. The Rift is easy to complement with other Multicolors, especially those without a strong directional presence. It is also one of the pieces that looks very well on canvas, although high gloss versions are always most impressive.


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