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The Phoenix is a warm, sunny and inviting masterpiece. It is conflict free and does not issue any challenges. Held down by the green yet sunlit at the top, the Phoenix accentuates a dark wall the best but looks happy and sunny on a light colored background as well. The viewer will usually look at the center part first, then follow the glowing wings to the upper right, then take in the rest of the piece, ending with the green earth in the lower part. Therefore, placing another complementing piece to the right of the Phoenix may be a good idea.

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The Phoenix is a distinctive masterpiece in red and gold tones, kept from being too aggressive by the calming presence of the greens and blues. The glowing centerpiece of the Phoenix draws the eye, and its flaming wing flows in the air as it soars. We will not hold it against you if you see other motives in this piece, it is complex enough to invite a multitude of interpretations.

The warm, glowing presence of the Phoenix will inevitably draw the eye of the viewer in any interior. It looks dramatic on dark walls and lights up even a black background, where it can benefit from an unobtrusive accent light. It looks more flirty on a light wall, where it can be complemented particularly well by other flame and sun artwork.

The Phoenix is one of a few masterpieces that doesn’t lose much in a canvas variant, where it can be printed fairly large. It also crops well into a square if it is desired to assemble it together with other square shaped artwork.


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