Ocean Theme Abstract Art

The abstract wall art of the Ocean theme is inspired by the ocean. These pieces usually are in the blue and sandy colors, however at times the greens and reds mix in, lust like in real life. Sometimes the ocean is turbulent and sometimes flowing or calm – just like your feelings. The same is true about the Ocean theme abstract art. Paintings such as Riptide and Sea and Sand are turbulent and bring a feeling of storm. Blue Swirl and Trilobites remind the viewer of shallow waters and translucent waves of the surf. Convergence and Seafoam resemble the myriads of bubbles on the sandy beach, left by the receding waves.

The hues of the Ocean Theme lend themselves very well to pastel colored walls. We have noticed that many of these masterpieces fit surprisingly well on dark walls too, even on red and green ones. Most pieces in this theme have lots of fine details, which makes them look their best on high gloss media. However, these paintings also look very nice when printed in large sizes on canvas. That said, we think that the pieces such as Blue Swirl, Algae Bloom and Trilobites look best on metal or acrylic. These materials allow the translucency of some colors to really shine through.


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