Algae Bloom

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Algae Bloom is not the most proud of all names, but it seems to describe this painting fairly. The green “algae”, with yellow,  warm, sunlit shallows, turns into the deeper, blue, translucent water. A light hint of flow is present but it does not dominate the painting, which leaves it a light, warm, calm piece that draws the eye but doesn’t create much drama. Just the right mood for a sitting room, where you retreat to look out the window on a pond, where you may have – guess what? – an algae bloom.

This piece is well suited for walls of almost any color. Its native crop is square, therefore it may work well for your decor when combined with two other square cropped Liquid Colors.

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This painting has a calming presence, thanks to its cool colors and simple shapes. The yellow middle part livens it up, and the classical curves make it look strangely familiar and attractive. The green colors of “algae” are bordered by the yellows, which creates the impression of a shallow water with abundant life taking root.

Square cropped in the original, this painting will look great on walls of any color, but may be not as good on a red one. If you are in doubt, check its fit using the Theme Designer tool. Its simple flow motif doesn’t direct the eye very strongly, therefore Algae Bloom looks great by itself and complements multi-piece ensembles.

Due to its large elements and simple geometry, Algae Bloom is suitable for canvas prints. High gloss variants, however, will never disappoint.


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