Lily Pad

$49.99 - $375.99

The Lily Pad is a warm-colored masterpiece with a few complex, dark-colored elements that invite detailed study and put the viewer on alert. The piece lends itself well to connections with others due to its diagonal flow elements, and its unusual natural flow direction towards the lower right lends it to multi-panel combinations few other paintings in our collection can provide.

The Lily Pad is great for any color wall with the exception of dark blue. That said, even that combination should be explored, as other elements of the interior may change the appearance and make it work well.


The Lily Pad is an interesting piece in that its lines and colors seem to flow differently than in most other Mystique and Ocean paintings. Suitable for displaying in any orientation, it changes its appearance dramatically depending of the rotation. As we show it, the main flow is from the upper left to lower right, with the dark upper silhouette becoming a fantastic beast and the lower part, perhaps a shore being washed away. Somehow the usually more pleasing for a right-handed, right eye dominant person lower-left-to-upper-right direction of flow seems wrong for this masterpiece. But perhaps it doesn’t to you? We’d love to find out, send us a message if you think otherwise.

With its copper, green, yellow and black colors, the Lily Pad is warm and peaceful but the dark shapes in the painting put the viewer in a more alert state than other pieces such as the Trilobites or the Iridescent Bubbles. Suited well for any color interior with the exception of, perhaps, deep blue, the Lily Pad will look its best on metal of acrylic that will emphasize its deep dark tones and light up the god ones.


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