Oil and Water

$49.99 - $375.99

Oil and Water appear to be immiscible, yet this painting, on which the different colors don’t mix and form their own bubbles, is surprisingly balanced. It makes us wonder, perhaps the imbalance and inability to mix is in fact needed to achieve balance? We hope that you will examine this masterpiece and will want to really study it and own it, to really find out. With its color range from neutral grey, to green and gold, to blood red, this is a highly versatile painting that complements any décor without dominating it.


When this masterpiece was born it immediately became obvious what it was: Oil and Water. The immiscible liquids, light blue, green and grey on one side and almost blood red on the other, create striking contrast and appear to form a downstream flow as well. The gold and orange elements create a pleasing feeling of warmth. The color combination is complex and makes the painting suitable for interiors of virtually any color. Rich in fine detail, this Liquid Color will look its best as a high resolution, fairly large size print.


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