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The Inferno is a red hot, attention-grabbing, powerful masterpiece. It alone can dominate a room or a lobby but it does it in a confident, unquestioning manner that gives a feeling of strength and unwavering power. Adding other Multicolor art in the red, such as the Singularity, should be approached with caution not to make the area garish or overwhelming.

The square shape of the masterpiece does not lend itself well for elongated cropping, but large, custom high gloss variants are simply mind blowing. Small, 12×12 prints on metal are great for meeting rooms where they can actually combine nicely with other well-matched Multicolor pieces.


The Inferno’s dominant color is red. It is a dominating masterpiece whose presence on the wall will not go unnoticed. However, having few flowing, flirty elements, it makes its impact in a quiet, slow way. The dark red, almost brown color at the base of the piece gives it the foundation we need to connect our own implicit reality with the surreal world of the Inferno. The glowing golden and turquoise areas at the top give the eye a place to rest from the intense heat of the massive red furnace in the middle part. The subtle, crossing veins penetrating the red are puzzling and give it the feeling of an imminent change.

The Inferno is a natural fit for a red wall of a darker hue. On a light background it can be overwhelming, but this can be used to an advantage if displayed in a large, high gloss variant in a lobby of a company where it will alert the visitors that they are walking into a place where the business is red hot.

Notice that the natural shape of the masterpiece is square. It will not lend itself well to a rectangular crop, and sizes larger than 12×12 will have to be special ordered.


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