Molten Gold

$49.99 - $375.99

The Molten Gold is an independent, self-contained piece with an internal dynamic that tends to invite the viewer to look at the piece over and over, and discover more and more detail. Very warm in color, to the point of being able to serve as a fireplace in the room, the Molten Gold is suitable for any color wall except, perhaps, dark blue.


The Molten Gold is a warm, flowing, self-contained masterpiece that looks like a splash of sunlight on any wall. Suited equally well for walls of almost any color, the Molten Gold has just enough copper added to it to create the swirl of copper and green snaking through the melting pot. This piece tends to capture the eye within its clockwise pattern, and to discover more details in the boiling lower left corner. The Molten Gold doesn’t readily direct the viewer to the next piece on the wall but fits very well with other independent paintings of the same general coloration or dynamic.

High gloss variants will be the most impressive but a canvas one will not disappoint either. We recommend avoiding mixing high gloss and canvas on the same wall though.


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