Chaos in Purple

$49.99 - $375.99

The Chaos in Purple is a very complicated, highly detailed, chaotic piece with a hidden clockwise flow dynamic, which becomes apparent after a few moments of viewing. This dynamic tends to capture the eye and keep in within the painting and invites the viewer to seek more and more details. For this reason the Chaos is less suited to complementing multi-panel displays than some other Multicolors. It will fit as well onto a dark wall as on a white one, and adding accent lighting will only make it better after sunset.


Chaos in Purple is exactly what its called. Maybe this is what happens when you smelt the Purpoleum, the yet undiscovered metal, with gold? We think so. One of the very few Multicolor and Mystique pieces with a purple element, this painting is an example of organized chaos. It captures the viewer’s eye and doesn’t lead it outside of the painting, making the eye return back and find more and more detail. Eventually the viewer will see that there is in fact a rhythm to the madness, that there is a fluid clockwise motion in the piece. This serves as reassurance to the viewer, and makes them sigh with relief, shake the head and… look at the Chaos in Purple one more time, wondering if there is something else in there they may have missed.

Highly detailed and very complex, this piece lends itself to high gloss variants, especially to the luxurious acrylic faced prints. If your décor calls for canvas then consider a larger size so that the details are well preserved.


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