Bubbles of Life

$49.99 - $375.99

The Bubbles of Life is a flowing, moderately dynamic masterpiece in the calming blue and green hues, centered by the darker blue and browns. It has relatively large elements and looks very well on canvas, which allows it to be printed in large sizes. High gloss variants will not disappoint, either. It is a great fit for rooms with light colored walls and looks especially nice as part of water themed décor.

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Upward-reaching and light-natured like a stream of bubbles from an underwater source, the Bubbles of Life has a calming and encouraging presence. Light blue primary color is accentuated beautifully by the deep blue, green and copper-colored bubbles that stream up, hugging and wrapping around each other. This masterpiece is self centered, it makes the viewer focus on the dark blue and brown bubbles first, then draws the eye to the light colored peripheral parts. It invites the viewer to examine the piece over and over again. A natural fit for light colored walls, the Bubbles of Life complement rooms with large aquariums or those with waterfront view particularly well. While this masterpiece doesn’t move the eye to the next piece of art, it combines very well with other paintings from the Ocean theme.


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