Can’t Connect

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Can’t Connect is a colorful masterpiece that tends to capture the viewer and keep the eye on the same painting, without leading to the adjacent artwork. It is complicated enough to keep the viewer interested for a while, yet it is not overwhelming and aggressive. It can be a good fit for rooms with plants, with green walls or for an office of a writer. It seems to encourage a contemplative mood, and doesn’t provoke rash action.

Can’t Connect has colors that make it a great fit for walls of any color. Bright red and dark red, as well as the difficult dark green, all will accept this masterpiece very well.

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Can’t Connect is a masterpiece that is probably more open to interpretation that many other Liquid Colors. What we saw in it is, the two areas of red and gold colors trying to connect with each other across the river of turquoise. Seemingly unable to reach each other, the reds of the upper left reach to the lower left, and the blish  and greenish colors appear to break them down and absorb them.

This painting does not have a pronounced dynamic flow pattern, and is quite self centered and conservative. While the red and gold pattern captures the viewers’ eye initially, the viewer usually then is led to discover the rest of the painting’s patterns and colors, examining the masterpiece over and over again.

Can’t Connect is an excellent fit for a wall of any color from white to dark green, and everything in between.


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