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The Malachite is about accepting your choice of what is happening in the piece. The calming greens will help settle and focus on a task, and the streaming blues will catch the eye and give satisfaction when the job is over. The Malachite is best for light green, light blue and white walls and is great for offices and hotel rooms.

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Are the greens flowing downward, or the blues flowing upward? Choice is what the Malachite masterpiece is all about. They will make the viewer’s eye go up and down, revisit the gold layers within the green, trying to settle on the solution. Depending on the personality, this choice may be simple – the calm greens are flowing down. But to someone else it may look that the blues are stubbornly making their way North. Ask your visitors, which way is the color flowing in this picture? It will tell you something about the person. But in any case, this mystic piece will not leave the viewer indifferent.

The green and blue Malachite will fit best on a light green or light blue wall. It will also find its place in a hotel room or an office with neutral colors. While the high gloss, high definition prints will always impress, this is one piece of liquid color that also looks excellent on canvas and, unlike many others, on a small canvas, too.


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