Sea and Sand

$49.99 - $375.99

The Sea and Sand is the cornerstone of our Sea and Sand collection, named after this piece. We offer several pieces in this motive, some of which may be better suited for certain location on your wall, or in combination with other elements of your décor. Open flow towards the right side makes this piece a great candidate for a multi-panel art collection, and its calm, cool coloration is an excellent fit for all pastel colored walls and all dark colors except for red.

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Sea and Sand is a classic Ocean painting. It is distinguished from other pieces in the same general motive by the positioning of the elements within the picture. Since the “sand” is located in the corner of this painting, it is likely to land itself better to some décor solutions than some other pieces with similar colors. The blue ocean part of the painting is highly detailed, while the sand area is less so, giving the painting an anchor point. The Sea and Sand contains a pronounced flow pattern that it open towards the right side of the picture, which is an invitation to placing a coordinated piece of art to the right of this one. Like all other water and sand pieces, the Sea and Sand will look fantastic on the wall of any color except probably red. High gloss versions are recommended because they tend to add depth to the blue swirls of the water and make it look almost wet, but a canvas or framed print will look great, too.


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