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The deep blues of the Riptide remind the viewer of the deep, blue waters of the ocean, flowing along the sandy shore. The horizontal direction of flow in this piece tend to eventually pass the viewer though to the next piece, so it is a good fit for multi-panel art collections in the same theme. Particularly good looking in the high gloss variants, this piece can be printed in a square crop without losing its feel. It fits well in almost any décor except the dark red.

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Saturated, deep-colored and free flowing, the Riptide is a classic Sea and Sand masterpiece of the Ocean theme. It has a much larger area of “sand” than some other pieces, making it a good fit for interiors with light colored hardwood floors and ocean-front rooms. The main direction of flow in the Riptide is from one side to the other, so it fits well as the middle piece in a multi-panel collage in the Ocean theme. The pronounced turbulent disruptions of the main flow lines give the painting its name, and tend to grab the viewer’s attention for a bit, making them imagine the force of the underwater currents.


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