$49.99 - $375.99

The Shockwave is a masterpiece with a wide variety of colors and has both static and dynamic elements, which makes it highly versatile. It draws the eye in the direction of the wave, from the right to the left first, but then the eye tends to return along the skies to the right, which helps the Shockwave fit very well alongside other Cosmos or Mystique art. It enables endless combinations and makes rotating your artwork between rooms a lot of creative fun.


The Shockwave is a dynamic, captivating Cosmos or Mystique masterpiece. Its main motive is the penetrating channel of force that splits the piece from side to side, compressing and shattering the matter in its way and leaving the fine, turbulent, layered dust in its wake. The glowing ocean of fire below it and the grey atmosphere above it yield to the foreign force of the Shockwave. The dark landmasses on the left split up, opening the path to the penetrating force. Yet the presence brought by the Shockwave is not as dramatic as the Impact of the Comet. It appears as if the Shockwave is finding its peace with the planet it is impacting, and is beginning to blend in with it. Before too long the foreign impact will become a natural part of this mysterious world.

High gloss variants are our recommendation for this masterpiece as they provide the best depth to the dark colors of the painting.


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