Sandy Beach

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The Sandy Beach is a balanced, moderately dynamic painting in two primary colors, blue and light brown. The turbulent nature of the blues brings in the feeling of a storm, surf or sea foam on the beach. The piece has an overall cool tone, balanced by the fairly large presence of the “land” along the bottom side. It makes for a good centerpiece on a large wall, and fits very well as the rightmost element of a multi-panel display using other Liquid Colors from the same family. High gloss prints will give the deepest blue colors that look almost wet, but a canvas print also looks very nice.

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Sandy Beach is another member of out Sea and Sand series in the Ocean theme. While all are similar, they differ in the flow dynamic and relative position and amount of blue and brown, making some a better fit for certain interiors than others. The Sandy Beach has a less pronounced flow pattern, which also wraps counterclockwise, which makes this painting a good candidate to be on the right most side of your Ocean theme collection. The flow in this masterpiece makes the eye travel from left to right, and then circle over to the left again, retaining the viewer and inviting to examine your collection again. Like all Sea and Sand Liquid Art, the Sandy Beach is well suited for light colored and dark colored walls of all hues except red.


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