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The sunlit, happy, calm and lively, the Trilobites is truly an Ocean masterpiece. It has the same presence as the ocean shore – peaceful, bursting with bubbles, filled with life. The opposing, yet not highly contrasted, colors draw attention to the crease along which a family of small invertebrates is moving – or whatever you think it is that is happening in the masterpiece. We would love to hear from you about what you make out of it.

A great fit for most wall colors, the Trilobites will look well on canvas and even better in high gloss finish.

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The ocean is a living organism. It is one giant drop of water in which the myriad of creatures live, the integral parts of the whole. This masterpiece is from the ocean of the past. You can imagine the silty, brown bottom, the sun-filled, gold-colored, rolling bubbles of the surf, the light, white foam, and the happy family of small trilobites, the ancient mollusks, traveling purposefully along the bottom.

The beautiful, light colored and light spirited, the Trilobites will fit splendidly onto light colored walls. However, the sunny nature of the image can very well make it fit onto a dark wall as well, if lighting it up is what you are looking for. While we think this piece will look its best in a high gloss finish that highlights its details the most, Trilobites will also look well on canvas, especially in a mid- to large sizes.


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