Carnival Night

$49.99 - $375.99

Carnival Night reminds us of a carnival somewhere in Latin America. Glowing lights in the darkness of night, people’s smiles, music, fireworks and a flow of happiness and festivities. With the mix of happy, bright colors and a distinctive flow motive, Carnival Night is a beautiful painting that looks as well on a wall by itself as it does in combination with other Liquid Art in the same general color scheme.

Rich in fine detail, Carnival Night will look its best in a high gloss variant.

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The glow of carnival lights and the deep blue sky filled with a burst of fireworks is what this Liquid Color reminded us when it was born. With colors ranging from almost white and light pink, to deep blue and purple and flame red, Carnival Night is an easy fit into almost any decor. Even the challenging dark green walls accept this masterpiece very well. It also looks excellent on light colored walls at any illumination level.

The Night has a pronounced flow element in the form of a wave crossing the painting in the longitudinal direction. This makes Carnival Night a good painting for multi-panel displays with other Liquid Colors in a similar color gamut, such as Salt Lake City or Blaze.


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